John Carter Presents Proactive Customer Service (PCS) WHITE PAPER РPresented May 26, 2014 at GAPPA 2014 РJekyll, Island

Proactive Customer Service

John Carter teaches GAPPA Workshop on Proactive Customer Service


How PCS and a building management system and/or early identification and selection of a maintenance program can reduce costs, protect assets and infrastructure
How the highest levels of accreditation’s and certifications are a customer safeguard of a quality and reliable organization that operates safely.

  • Programmed Preventative Maintenance
  • Reliability centered maintenance
  • Condition Based Maintenance
  • Breakdown Maintenance

SUMMARY: This session will help participants get acquainted with the various types of post-construction services offered to maintain the integrity and operational lifecycle of campus facilities. It will also help the participants understand the background and rationale for why Proactive Customer Service (PCS) remains the highest standards of measurement in the Constructed Environment today because no matter how well a building has been designed, or the equipment manufactured, installed and commissioned, the possibility of failure cannot be ignored. A Building Management System (BMS) to automate and take control of building operations is the most efficient way possible for building managers, operators, and owners, within the constraints of the installed plant, but even that is tied to PCS by the trade professionals. A professionally formulated preventative maintenance plan will help reduce the risk of unforeseen electrical or mechanical failure of systems and is essential to maintain equipment in efficient working order and reduce the likelihood of downtime. This is the standard of measurement for a vendor; to provide Proactive Customer Service and the best equipment specific solution and maintenance approach.

Download Presentation: GAPPA 2014 РProactive Customer Service SM